These are quick iOS app development experiments mainly using Swift4.

The goal of these projects is to teach myself coding(especially iOS development using Swift4), to practice to come up with different ideas quickly, to do design sketches, to build my concept in to actually working application and feel sense of accomplishment.




I created a simple unlock screen using a map. This unlock screen uses swipe pattern like Android device unlock. I used my personal information instead. The screen shows a map of the city where I am living in and to unlock the screen, they have to connect the spots from school to my home in fastest way. 


2. Yes or No Poll (micro interaction)


This is a simple poll app to experiment micro interaction in swift. There will be a polar question on top and the users will get to choose one answer. I intended to give pressing jelly feeling to the button in order to give more fluid and organic experience. I used sprite animation.


3. Walking Game Controller


I made a game controller interface for multi user game. I wanted to create new way of controlling the player. So I used compass and pedometer for the controller. The player has to walk physically to move the game player in the screen. If the user walks toward north(the compass points top of the screen), it will move the player to up. If one goes south, it will go down, west for left and east for right. 


4. simple weather


I don't read all the numbers and icons in a weather app every time. Because most of the time I only care about the weather(if it's rainy, cloudy or sunny) and temperature at the moment. So I wanted to create a minimal weather app that only shows current temperature and the state. I used Open Weather Map API.

Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 2.48.31 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-30 at 2.43.52 AM.png